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Friends of Eaton Street Park

Cameron Mackenzie sponsor Friends of Eaton Street Park. This is a local Park in Prescot that has seen major improvements thanks to a loyal group of local residents who have banded together to continually improve a community Green space and they are constantly fundraising to improve it. Details can be found on Facebook at Friends of Eaton St Park. Donations are welcome.

Friends of Eaton Street Park

Save our Greenbelt Campaign.

Whilst many would question why an Estate Agent would be against building more houses Mark explains" Knowsley Council recently approved plans to release 51% of the Greenbelt in the Borough for potential development. I welcome the development of new housing but I do question the plans on where they should be built. I believe that Knowsley has many vacant brownfield sites which should be developed first. To release 51% in one go is excessive. I will campaign to preserve our local green spaces until it is proven that all other alternatives have been exhausted. I believe that we should build houses in the right places with the infrastructure and education, health and leisure facilities to match."

Save our Greenbelt Campaign

Cameron Mackenzie have sponsored local Junior Football Club Whiston Juniors since 2005. Mark has been Vice Chairman at the club for several years. Mark’s hobbies have included managing a team which he has done since they were 5 years old. This team has won an incredible 93 trophies including The Paris Champions League whilst touring in France and the prestigious Liverpool Champions League a bit closer to home! They completed a memorable League and Cup double in 2013 to finish the season with 13 trophies. In 2016 they toured Holland. Whiston Juniors are always looking for new sponsors for their many teams and can be contacted via our offices.


Cameron Mackenzie Rainhill & St.Helens Mini Soccer League

September 05 saw the launch of the newly founded Cameron Mackenzie Rainhill & St.Helens Mini Soccer League. The new league caters for 44 teams at Under 8, Under 9 & Under 10 levels. Peter Hughes, Hon Secretary for the League commented, “This is a great day for local soccer! Since the F.A. determined that mini soccer was the way forward we have worked tirelessly to form a League to help develop local children in these age groups. The demand from local teams has been overwhelming and we are delighted to see this League launch today. This is where we may find the future Gerrards, Owens & Rooneys but most importantly it is where you will see children of all levels enjoying themselves every week. We would like to thank our main sponsors, local Estate Agents Cameron Mackenzie, for helping make this dream a reality.”


Cameron Mackenzie sponsor two of our local teams. Brian Ledsham, Secretary of Whiston Juniors explains, “We are an F.A. Charter Standard club established in 1985. When our sponsor for our under 9’s team dropped out at the last minute we were left in the lurch. We were in urgent need of new kits for both squads. Luckily Cameron Mackenzie stepped in and we were able to purchase the kits we needed.” Mark Burke added, “We were glad to help such a well known and successful local Club. Steven Gerrard started his career with Whiston Juniors and we’ve already sold one house to him! Who knows, one of these 9 year olds might be the next Gerrard. We just want to help give them a chance. Cameron Mackenzie are committed to helping local people. We also sponsor the successful Under 7s team who have already won their first tournament at Everton F.C.”

Cameron Mackenzie have now sponsored seasons 05/06 and 06/07. The League has expanded to encompass an Under 7s Division and now has 57 teams. Cameron Mackenzie now also sponsor Rainhill Cricket Club.